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Win More Clients

All Financial Planners want to consistently grow their business. But finding new clients on a regular basis is tough. We know the frustration of trying to grow and not getting the results. We have developed a Predictable Sales System that delivers new clients on a weekly basis and so you can be in control of your future.

How to Generate Clients On Demand…

Step 1: Attract

The first step is to find an affordable, scalable and repeatable way to find new leads. You also need to be able to turn this lead source on and off instantly and see results within days not weeks or month. The best lead source is currently Facebook Ads

Step 2: Capture

The key is to capture that phone number and email address of the visitors to your website. You do this by offering them a piece of content that they find valuable. Once you have their details you are now in control of the relationship and can start the conversion process.

Step 3: Convert

The final step is to convert the leads into clients. Now that you have their phone numbers you should call them to make contact and see how you can help them with their goals. If they aren’t ready you should invite them to a webinar which will establish you as an authority and move them along the sales funnel.


Facebook Ads For Financial Planners Explained

Let us show you step by step how to win new clients every week using Facebook Ads