The Framework That Attracts and Converts Financial Planning Prospects Into Clients

New Clients Every Week

What if you could fill a webinar with new leads every week, then spend one hour presenting your tried and tested presentation with your audience from the convenience of your office. At the end of the presentation, your prospects would book in one-on-one meetings with you and every week you would win new clients from those meetings.

What would that process be worth to your business?

Let me show you how it works…

How It Works

Step 1

Imagine if you could target your perfect prospect by location, household income, marital status, occupation and hundreds of other characteristics. Then you can show an advertisement to them which you can guarantee they will see, and do it all for a few dollars per lead.

Well, you can with Facebook ads. Facebook Ads are the number one advertising platform for businesses today and we use it to fill our client webinars every week like clockwork.

Step 2

Once we get your prospects attention on Facebook we invite them to a webinar where you will present a 1 hour presentation which will convince them that they need financial help and you are the proffesional they should work with. You will present this same webinar to a different audiences every week.

Step 3

At the end of the webinar you will offer the audience a one on one meeting with you to discuss how you can help them. In that meeting you will work your magic to convert them into a client.

Imagine holding a 1 hour webinar every week where you secure new one on one appointments with your attendees. What would that mean to your business over 3, 6 or 12 months. The potential to grow your business is huge.

This process is what we call the Predictable Sales System and it had the potential to explode your business growth.

Program Outline

We tailor a program which is specific to your business, but the core of the program follows this structure…

Phase 1: Identify

Identify Your Prospect

Identify a Niche

We will help you identify your target client. When you know exactly what they find them you will be able to target them using Facebook Ads.

Discover Their #1 Pain

Once we know your perfect prospect we then identify their #1 pain point. We will use this pain point in all marketing collateral.

Solve Their Pain

Now we find a solution to their pain. The pain and solution approach is the key to attracting lots of your perfect prospects

Create An Offer

Create a product than solves the #1 Pain

We help you craft an offer that solved the prospects #1 pain. Nothing more. The offer must be highly targeted so it makes sense to the prospect

Productize Your Offer

The offer must also be productized, so it is easy to explain, understand and have a clearly defined pricing structure. This helps the client make a buying decision in the sales process

Phase 2: Attract

Create a Lead Magnet


Choosing what type of lead magnet to use for the niche is important. We often use a webinar, video or eBook to capture the details of prospects

Create The Lead Magnet

Our team will create the content and creative for the lead magnet. It will be optimized for conversions. You will be involved in the content creation process

Establish a Lead Source – Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads is the primary lead source we use. We will target your niche on the Facebook Ad platform and categorise them in Ad sets ready for the campaign

Create The Facebook Ads

Your Facebook campaigns, ads, images and copy will then be set up in Facebook ready for the campaign go live

Set Up The Tech

To run a successful Facebook Ad campaign there are many platforms we have to set up including landing pages, your website, email marketing software and GoToWebinar. In this stage we set up all the tech required

Phase 3: Convert

Define A Sales Process

Call To Action

This whole process leads your prospect to the Call To Action. This is the first step in the sales process. Typically it is a one on one meeting.

One-on-One Meeting

We provide you with a framework to hold this meeting. By the end of the meeting you will ask for the sale, and if done correctly your conversion rates should be as high as 50%

Architect Your Follow Up

Your email follow up sequence ensure you stay in contact with prospects who don’t buy until they are ready to buy. We will create a tailored sequence to educate and convert these prospects over time

Execute and Optimize

Review The Results

This is the stage of the campaign where we are live, and we review the results on a daily basis. Facebook and our platforms provide lots of data which need to the interpreted to increase your conversion rates


We take the data provided and makes changes to the landing pages, Facebook Ads, the targeting and the lead magnet


Once the changes we made we then turn on the campaigns again, review the results and make changes. We constantly update the campaign until the conversion rates are as high as they can be

Done With You

We work with you to set up the Predictable Sales System in your business. You understand your clients better than anyone else and we are rock stars at making the Predictable Sales System effective.. All landing pages, Facebook Campaigns, sales scripts and marketing automation configuration is done by our team for you.

We create the assets, run the campaigns, sort out the tech and you present the webinars and hold the one-on-one meetings. All landing pages, Facebook Campaigns, sales scripts and marketing automation configuration is done by our team for you.

Together we will work to create a predictable flow of new clients into your business on a weekly basis.

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